Mobile X-Ray

mobile x-ray

Mobile X-Ray services are provided under Lost pines Mobile imaging , a branch of Reliance Mobile Diagnostics. All portable X-Rays are digital and use DR (Direct Radiography) systems to produce high quality image.

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Ultrasounds are provided under Reliance Imaging. Reliance Imaging established in 2008 is the top ultrasound service provider in DFW area. We provide service to assisted living facilities, physician offices, homebound and nursing homes.

Our Services

Reliance Mobile Diagnostic Services (RMDS) offers mobile diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. Our Diagnostic Imaging services include Portable X Ray/ EKG/ General Ultrasound /Cardiac Ultrasound and Vascular Ultrasound. Reliance Imaging purchased Lost Pines Mobile imaging, a Portable X Ray supplier in 2013.

We provide high quality service to our patients utilizing experienced technologists and advanced digital equipment. We can provide portable diagnostic services for home bound patients, assisted living facilities, physician offices and nursing homes.

We have very quick turn around time. Results are usually available within minutes for all positive studies and less than 24 hours for all routine exams .